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VIII Eighth Island Challenge

VIII Eighth Island Challenge
05. March 2019

Lanzarote, a European sports destination.

In Lanzarote countless sporting events and competitions are held throughout the year.

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We're On The Up!

We're On The Up!
14. August 2017 Category: LANZAROTE ISLAND

Lanzarote Sale Transactions have rocketed in comparison to 2016's figures. Want to find out more? Click here!

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Canary Tourism Records!

Canary Tourism Records!
03. August 2017 Category: LANZAROTE ISLAND

New records have been hit for visitors to the Canaries in June. Read more here!

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Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote Island
28. October 2016 Category: LANZAROTE ISLAND

If you're considering buying property in Lanzarote, our Lanzarote guide will provide you with more insight about island and why you should essentailly choose to move here. Take a look at some of our key facts and figures about Lanzarote...

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Buying Guide to Property in Lanzarote - Taxes and Costs

Buying  Guide to Property in Lanzarote - Taxes and Costs
15. September 2016 Category: FOR BUYERS

In addition to the sales price, you will also have to bear in mind extra taxes and costs which amount to approximately 10% of the new declared value of the property.

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