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Be a local Tourist

Be a local Tourist
24. September 2020 Category: Lanzarote

Ever wondered how people find those secret spots? Ever wanted that inside knowledge on our beautiful island of Lanzarote? Look no further, here is the place to start your road to becoming a local tourist. Following are three of my favourite spots that are off the beaten track. All spectacular, unknown, and unique, 

Be a Local Tourist  


What is it? An abandoned picon mine

Where is it? Head North on the LZ1 towards Orzolo, there is a red petrol station just before Guatiza. You want to take this exit. Approach the roundabout and take the turning behind the petrol station. The road is a little rough, so take it easy.

Why Should I go? Once you´re on this road have a good explore. You can see evidence from Lanzarote’s last volcanic eruption which was in 1736 There is an abandoned picon mine a little further along the left. Frozen in time and leaving so many questions running through your mind, the abandoned mine doesn’t disappoint. You can peak over top and walk right inside its entrance walls. It is quite spectacular yet still a little eery. 

What is it? A hidden village known as Los Ancones

Where is it? In Costa Teguise at the very end of Avenida de Las Palmeras you will come across a large roundabout, turn right. You will then see a dirt track on your left-hand side, take the dirt track, follow the dirt track up the hill and keep going till you come across a village.

Why should I go? You will need to take everything you will need with you, as there is no shops or restaurants. What you will find is a secret beach, Playa Los Ancones and the most unknown peaceful mirador on the island. A mirador is a viewing point. Exploring this hidden village you feel lost away from the world.



What is it? A secret mirador Mirador De Guinate

Where is it? Guinate is a village in the municipality of Haría in north of the island. You must drive through the village and you will come to a dead end. Here you find the most spectacular views on the island outside of Mirador Del Rio

Why should I go? Situated at 500 meters above sea level on the cliffs of Risco de Famara, in the north of Lanzarote, the Mirador de Guinate is a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Chinijo Archipelago.