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Living in Lanzarote

Living in Lanzarote
07. June 2019

Living in Lanzarote is a dream come true for many. If you're thinking about moving here and want to find out more, look no further!

Sit back and imagine a life in the sun. Well, this no longer has to be just a dream, it can now become your reality. Situated just off the coast of West Africa is where you’ll find the Canary Islands. Amongst them is Lanzarote, which is known for its year-round warm weather, beaches and volcanic landscape. If you’re thinking about relocating and living in Lanzarote, we can help you choose the best location based on your needs, preferences and budgets. Whether you’re moving here for work, for retirement or for love, living in Lanzarote is a wonderful experience for people of all ages to enjoy.

Where to Look When Moving to Lanzarote

There are a wide number of destinations in Lanzarote that are ideal places to call home. From resort areas to small towns and even smaller rural areas, each has its advantages and disadvantages.
If you choose to live in a more built-up resort, then the chances are that you’ll find work far easier as well as more places to run errands. However, you may notice that your weekly food shop comes to slightly more than what it would if you lived just outside of the resort. Places tend to put their prices up in resort destinations as they know that there’ll be a constant stream of tourists.
Towns are a good place to set up home as they offer a nice balance. You’ll typically receive more value for money in places such as Arrecife, Teguise and Playa Honda. One of the downsides to living in a town is that you’re going to be further away from the beach.
Living in a rural area will give you that truly Spanish feel. You’ll make friends with locals and get to enjoy the feeling of being in a small community. You may have to travel to find large stores or supermarkets, but the scenic views you’ll have on a daily basis will be worth it.

The Cost of Living in Lanzarote

One thing everyone wants to know is how much it will cost them to live in Lanzarote. Compared to somewhere like mainland Spain, the cost of living in Lanzarote is generally far cheaper. On average:
  • Consumer Prices in Lanzarote  are 20% lower than in Spain
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Lanzarote are 24% lower than in Spain
  • Rent Prices in Lanzarote  are 321% lower than in Spain
  • Restaurant Prices in Lanzarote  are 28% lower than in Spain
  • Groceries Prices in Lanzarote are 15% lower than in Spain

Education in Lanzarote

No matter where you live on the island, primary and secondary state schools tend to have a first-rate reputation. If you require an English-speaking school, you’ll have to opt for private education. Going to a private school could set you back €5,000 per annum per child, though this does differ depending on age. There are a number of private schools to choose from in Lanzarote: The British school of Lanzarote in Tahiche, Collegio Hispano Britanico in Puerto del Carmen, Centro Educacional Daos in Matagorda and Collegio Arenas International in Costa Teguise are some examples.

Lanzarote Property Types

Arrecife is Lanzarote’s capital and is predominantly made up of apartments. This is one of the most popular property types in the whole of Lanzarote, though villas are also in demand. Bungalows are a rustic and charming option and can be picked up for a great price.

What to Do in Lanzarote

One of the best things about living in Lanzarote is what there is to do on the island. It’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, so you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of days out and activities to keep you occupied. Popular things to do in Lanzarote include:
  • Day trips to resorts such as Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca
  • Celebrate Carnival season between the months of February and March
  • Visit the Teguise market on Sundays 
  • Take a walk through Haria village and explore the Valley of 1000 Palms
  • Make a splash at Aquapark, the largest waterpark on the island
  • Get up close and personal with the animals at Ranchos Texas
  • Go to Timanfaya National Park and take a bus trip around the volcanoes and explore the area further on a walking tour

3 Common Myths about Living in Lanzarote

When it comes to living in Lanzarote, there are a few common myths. We’re here to set those misconceptions straight so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

1. It Never Rains

Despite the warm temperatures and sunshine, we can’t say that it never rains in Lanzarote. It typically tends to rain during the winter when it clouds over. It’s a rarity for the rain to be extreme and the temperatures never really drop below 15 degrees, so if you do get wet, it probably won’t be for long.

2. You Don’t Need to Learn Spanish

While you can get away with not learning the language, it will be easier if you understand some of the basic terms at least. There are plenty of English-speaking inhabitants especially in the more popular resorts, but you can hold conversations with the friendly locals if you’re able to speak their language. You may pick a few odd phrases up along the way, but if you’re able to take lessons and speak it more regularly, your life in Lanzarote is sure to be greatly improved.

3. Tourists Will Be Noisy & Disruptive

If you live in a popular holiday destination in Lanzarote, such as Costa Teguise, Puerto el Carmen or Playa Blanca, then you’re sure to walk past several tourists on daily basis. What many people think is that they’ll cause havoc to the way of life, but generally speaking tourists will keep themselves to themselves. Tourism is great for an area as it helps to improve the local economy. No matter where you choose to live, Lanzarote is a popular place with tourists, so it’s something you’re likely to experience. 
To find out more about buying a property in Lanzarote, take a look at our 10 musts for buyers:
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